Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Classic Books to Read With Your Toddler

Classics to Read With Your Toddler

Having gone through two toddlerhoods now with my kids, and having a third coming up - there are some books that I have lovingly enjoyed with the first two that I will absolutely be reading with my new little one too! My almost 3 year old still loves these books too and actually can recite them by heart now - a sign of a truly great book!

Bunny Blankie and Beloved Board Book, Baby Gift Set

B542195aef744851bff22fadd3200aa7If you've never read Goodnight Moon with your child, you must! The gentle and simple rgyming story has a great rgytm to it, and makes you remember how simple childhood was, observing the everyday routines of those around you! Perfect read for bedtime!
Bunny Blankie & Beloved Board Book, Baby Gift Set - $29.95, 5.70 shipping - Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

How Much I Love You (Board Book)

915a37b23f454f398cf5a008ae3d36c3This story follows Little Nutbrown Hare trying to express to his father, Big Nutbrown Hare how much he loves him! Not only does the story get some bonus I Love You's from your little one for you :) it also is a great story to remind you of how much you love your child, and how much they truly reciprocate that love!
How Much I Love You (Board Book) - $8.99, 5.99 shipping - Available at

Children's Classic Library - Big Red Barn

1419012296_260This has to be one of my daughters favorites! Most kids love farms and will adore this book as well. The story follows a group of barn animals going through their day and having fun, then going to sleep at night. Another |Margaret Wise Brown classic - she is one of my favorites if you couldn't tell - the rhyming story is fun to read for quiet time.

Children's Classic Library - Big Red Barn - $17.99, 8.99 shipping - Available at Marketplace

The World of Eric Carle - The Grouchy Ladybug Board Book

Bcbaad9f61f749be929054f568c3fcd0There is one big reason my little one loves this book - "Hey you! Wanna fight?" That' s what the Grouchy Ladybug yells at every animal she encounters until she learns her lesson - be friendly and share! The book also has great mini pages that gradually get bigger, making it fun to turn pages, and it teaches time!
The World of Eric Carle - The Grouchy Ladybug Board Book - $9.78, 6.49 shipping - Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Siempre Te Querre/Love You Forever

50acd3868915455c966332f6789b4b7cOkay, this may not be one of my kids absolute favorites, but it one of mine! It brings me near to tears every time I read it!
A mother sings her son a special song every night when he's asleep, no matter how crazy he drives her - from babyhood to adulthood. "I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always, As long as I'm living, My baby you'll be" She does this until she becomes too old when - get the kleenex ready! - her son sings it to her!

Siempre Te Querre/Love You Forever - $6.26, 3.99 shipping - Available at

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Monday, April 14, 2014

#Revenge #OnceUponATime and Beamly!

Ah, Sunday night, the dreaded night before Monday for most - when you know tomorrow you'll have to return to work or school and wait 5 more days until you can relax again! Most people feel this way about Sunday nights, but the mood at my house is always a little different! In our home, Sunday night is known as 'Everything's On' night - as in most of our favorite shows air Sunday Night - many at the same time!

Once Upon a Time, a favorite of my husband and I, airs at 8 pm Sunday nights, but so does The Simpsons, which my son enjoys, and The Amazing Race, which we all like! Then, fast forward 2 hours later to 10 pm, and it's my personal favorite - Revenge!

I love the story on Revenge and can never get enough! Every episode you think they'll discover who she is, you wonder who will be next and you pine for some Jack-Emily time - then there's Aiden (ohh who will she choose!)

I love Once Upon a Time's flashes of going back and forth between worlds, Charming and Snow, Hook and Emma - and now there's Zelena! And Henry forgets it all!!

Then there's all the other shows we love during the week - Hell's Kitchen, Biggest Loser, Survivor and the new Cosmos series! I'll admit we are definitely a TV addicted family! And I love it! Especially when we all get excited about what happened on the latest episodes of our shows and make up theories for what's going to happen!

Its so much fun to get excited about shows and get really into them, especially with like-minded people who love them as much as you do! So I was super excited to start posting on Beamly - an all new way to experience your favorite shows!

Beamly is a website and mobile app you can use to get in on conversations about shows, follow your favorite shows with news about all your favorite actors and the latest episodes! But it's more than that too ! Beamly can also remind you on your mobile when your favorite shows are on (if you want), can let you tell everyone what you're watching at that moment and see what your friends are watching - it can even turn into a remote for your TV!

Over the next month I'm going to be posting, sharing and just having a ton of fun with beamly! Be sure to join me, whether you love the shows I love or different ones - let me know which shows you love on Beamly - then I can discover some new ones too! You can check out my profile here and follow me - I'll follow you too!

​Hope you'll be able to come and chat with me on there! I am sooo looking forward to it!

Beamly  is THE 24 X 7 social and content network for TV and TV fans. Join me today in TV conversations and get the latest juice and gossip about your favorite shows!

-Debbie Jean

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Humor - Dumb Jokes!

Ok, most of these really are stupid, but still made me laugh! I must try number 11 one day! LOL

Thursday, April 10, 2014

#Inspiration - Worrying Brings No Peace!

Doesn't that picture just make you feel peaceful?

Worrying about something thats going to happen or might happen - next year, next month, next week, or even in a few hours will not change how that situation is going to go!
What will?
A rested, fresh, positive mind and a strong and confident you!
So instead of worrying about tommorow's problems - why not prepare ! 
Prepare your mind for whats to come, organize anything you have to, then...
You can't do anything more! (and that's ok!)

Stay Inspired!
-Debbie Jean

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#Inspiration ... From John Lennon

This famous quote from John Lennon is one of my favorites - it often encourages me in our choice to homeschool our kids, but it also reminds me how blind others can sometimes be to special moments that just pass them by.
Don't let those small, precious minutes just pass you by today! Really listen to what others are telling you - whether it confirms to your beliefs or not - it may just be the smartest thing you've ever heard!

-Debbie Jean

Great Toys for Baby's Development #baby #games

Great Toys for Baby's Development

Playing with your baby isn't only great for the  bond you'll form with them, it also helps them develop in all areas. While toys aren't a required part of play for little ones, they can help baby experience new objects, shapes and colors, and help you feel more confident about playtime too! Below I've rounded up a few toys that I found have helped me with my kiddos - and ones I'm using with our newest little one now!

Baby Swings and Seats

Luv U Zoo SpaceSaver Swing & Seat
Seats like this one for baby not only give mom and dad more free time - they help baby to relax in, observe and take in the world around them. Closeness with caregivers is of the utmost importance to babies - being close to you and in your arms bonds you and gives your little one a feeling of security and comfort.
But putting baby down sometimes for play can be beneficial too! Encouraging them to play outside of your arms gives them confidence in their own abilities - and putting them in a safe, soothing chair like the Luv u Zoo us a great way to face baby for play - and take 5 minutes for yourself!
Luv U Zoo SpaceSaver Swing & Seat - $69.29, Free shipping - Available at

ExerSaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center - Jungle EVN041-1

ExerSaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

Exersaucers are not only a great way to encourage your baby to stand up - but beginning at 4 months old for most babies, they can be a great way to encourage that all important eye-hand coordination! All the toys inspiring babies to reach out and grab things, and the reward they get when they finally touch it makes them want to do more! Plus it's a great way to include older siblings in baby's play!
ExerSaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center - Jungle EVN041-1 - $117.99, 34.95 shipping - Available at Marketplace

Musical Toys

Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano

Although the light-up, flashy colors make some parents heads spin, these toys that encourage standing, sitting up and eye-hand coordination are great for babies from 6 months up! Baby gets rewarded by easily pressing buttons, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on sitting or standing skills.
Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano - $53.99, Free shipping - Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Crawling Tunnels

2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym & Tunnel

Remember crawling through those tunnels at the park as a kid? There was nothing on the other side - just the reward of having crawled through! So for a baby learning to crawl, these tunnels are great! Not only can mom or dad be on the other side, cheering them on, but the little toys hanging on both sides make for a fun-filled journey too!

2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym & Tunnel - $39.99, 2.95 shipping - Available at

Baby Gyms

Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Play Gym

No, these aren't your typical gyms - no weight machines or treadmills in sight! - but for your baby from 2 months and up, they're a whole workout for mind, body and soul! The colorful toys excite your baby and encourage them to move, while also giving them the opportunity to learn to rollover, reach out and play with mom, dad or sibs!
Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Play Gym - $48.44, 10.67 shipping - Available at

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