Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#Inspiration ... From John Lennon

This famous quote from John Lennon is one of my favorites - it often encourages me in our choice to homeschool our kids, but it also reminds me how blind others can sometimes be to special moments that just pass them by.
Don't let those small, precious minutes just pass you by today! Really listen to what others are telling you - whether it confirms to your beliefs or not - it may just be the smartest thing you've ever heard!

-Debbie Jean


  1. I'm turning 30 in two months, and happy is still something I'm striving to be. I too love this quote, because it's so true - no matter who you are or what you grow up to be or do for a living or for the fun of it, more than anything you should still aim for happiness.

    Jenn, x@jenn.nu

    1. Yay! Im turning 30 in November - just remember happiness is all the things you encounter striving to be happy!